Britney is the Creatives Head of Likhang Puso. She is currently a Year 2 university student majoring in Economics, where she studies consumer and producer behavior and interactions. Outside of this field, her main interest involves graphic design and its related theories, allowing her to utilize her knowledge and experience to the benefit of the Foundation. As the Head of Creatives, Britney works with Nathania, the Head of Communications, to form the Media Subcommittee, which primarily maintains the vibrant online presence of the Foundation. In the subcommittee, Britney oversees the creative processes in the foundation with regard to its events, promotions, charity sales, fundraisers, and other activities. This includes creating the eye-catching promotional materials uploaded on LP’s official social media pages as well as managing these pages. She also assists Nathania in her development and maintenance of the Foundation website, ensuring that it is easily accessible and navigable by its visitors.


Besides LP, Britney is also a member of an international ocean conservation group where she hopes to promote the preservation of the slowly-degrading environment. In her extracurriculars, both former and current, she aims to make a change in the society around her. She hopes that her contributions may one day leave a mark and create positive impacts on the lives of her extracurriculars’ beneficiaries. Likewise, as the person in charge of creativity in the Foundation, she aspires to use her skills and experience to influence others to support the Foundation’s cause, and most importantly, to bring awareness to the colorful culture and traditions of the Hanunuo-Mangyan community.