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Iya is the Partnerships Head for Likhang Puso. She graduated high school from Immaculate Conception Academy Greenhills under the Humanities and Social Sciences strand (HUMSS) and is now taking up Political Science in University of the Philippines, Diliman. To Iya, learning about how the government works and the use of power has always intrigued her, especially coming from a developing country. She was lucky enough to be part of the social action organization in her high school and got to help families who were in need. Four years of working in that organization allowed her to meet with Filipinos who would face the effects of poor governance and misuse of power the most. But those four years were nowhere near enough for Iya to truly understand the struggle that neglected Filipinos go through. She joined Likhang Puso because of its values and the work it puts in to their partner community. Apart from providing materials or goods that would benefit the community, the foundation focuses on creating lasting connections that would help the community thrive and sustain themselves. As a member of Likhang Puso, Iya helps connect the foundation to people or other organizations that would help us achieve the foundation's goal. Apart from this, She is considered an “all around” member; meaning she does what she can to help the other subcommittees accomplish their tasks. Iya hopes that the foundation continues to work closely with the Hanunuo Mangyans and help bring them the resources they need to thrive. Apart from thriving and adapting to the modernization of the Philippines, she hopes more people along with the Hanunuo Mangyans are reminded of the rich value and significance of their Indigenous Culture.

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