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Megan is the founder of Likhang Puso and the head of the LP Manila team. Having a passion for the arts, Megan started Likhang Puso as a Grade 10 service project in the hopes  of using art to motivate and empower the Mangyan students of Gatol Mangyan High School in their studies. Since then, it has been her personal advocacy to merge service and the arts together, as seen in her direction of Likhang Puso’s projects to preserve the artistic practices of indigenous communities and provide opportunities for the indigenous youth to explore the arts. While studying at St. Joseph’s Institution International (SJII), Megan also led other service initiatives such as Charity Arts Night, a charity art auction for the recovery program of the children affected by the 2011 Fukushima Incident by Today is the Day Foundation. It is Megan’s service philosophy that an individual’s own passion that fundamentally serves as a driving force for community and global engagement. Hence, as the mentor/consultant of the LP Singapore team (a group of service-dedicated students from SJII), she encourages the integration of the students’ own personal passions in deciding the nature of their service projects for Likhang Puso’s partner community. 


Currently, Megan is taking up a degree in commerce at the University of Melbourne. During her time at Melbourne, she hopes to enrich her knowledge about protecting indigenous communities and their practices to better lead Likhang Puso as it strives towards towards its goals.

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